Illini Great Dane Club advocates the concept of breeder responsibility for preventing
and resolving rescue situations and supports the efforts of Great Dane rescue
organizations whenever possible through fundraising, providing foster homes and by
referring potential new owners.

It is our hope that continued efforts to educate breeders on the importance of
life-long responsibility and to spay/neuter non-breeding stock will help ease the
supply of dogs to rescue groups. We also accept the necessary task of informing
potential Dane owners of the true commitment of time, money and other resources
necessary to provide a safe and healthy home for Great Danes. While every Great
Dane in need deserves to be rescued, we dream of a day when no rescue is needed.
Hopefully continued education will one day make that dream a reality.
Rescue Success Story: Bella

Illini Great Dane Club's Rescue was contacted when it became apparent that her
owners did not have the time to devote to the necessary raising and training of a
12-week old puppy. Having been purchased from a puppy mill breeder in Indiana
through a newspaper ad, the owners were not properly apprised by the breeder as to
the extent of commitment necessary to raise a puppy.

Carla Fisher, who is a longtime friend of Illini Great Dane Club and dog trainer,
volunteered to foster Bella for the purpose of evaluation and basic training. In only
two weeks time, Bella's housebreaking was brought up to a level of approximately
98%, she gained 12 pounds, received her shots and necessary health exams, and
learned the basic commands of sit, down, come, and learned not to jump up on
people and counter tops. Special thanks to Rudy, Carla's 11-month old Portuguese
Water Dog, for assisting in this training.

Bella is now in her new home and continues to progress wonderfully. She just
graduated from basic beginner's obedience class, and her new people are considering
a career in obedience and agility. Good Luck to them and thanks to all who helped
Bella become a success story!!
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These latest photo's show what a beautiful girl Bella has
become! Thanks to all involved with this placement  and a
special thank you to Bella's new family and
Thank You Bella!!
For more information on Rescue contact:
Darlene Gill @

This poor boy came into rescue Dane911 as a stray and was in
terrible condition.  He only weighed 71 pounds, at
least 40 pounds underweight.

He faced a brave and challenging battle of recovery. During that
time he had undergone tests  by many clinics and specialists. His
illnesses included kidney trauma, heart murmer, 4 teeth pulled,
stomach tacking and glucose loss in his urine.

As you can imagine, he was fighting for his life. He was in several
foster homes.  But, over the course of time with the help of
love,medicine, foster families and donations, King survived to
become the beautiful boy he is today.

Here are the before and after pictures of his struggle for survival.  
Now  we are so happy to see a healthier King with his permanent
family in Frankfort.  He is now a happy great dane with his tail
always wagging... and we hear he loves to dance on his hind legs!