The Illini Great Dane Club was originally chartered as the Greater Will County Great
Dane Club on February 2nd, 1982 with the following nine charter members:
Betty Currier
Dave Currier
Joe Ferrentino
Pat Ferrentino
Jeff Lawrence
Pat Lawrence
Barb Renkosiewicz
Lynda Renkosiewicz
Suzanne Sherwood

The Club's first match was an all-breed "Fun" (Unsanctioned) Match with a supported
Great Dane Specialty on May 5th, 1983. The following December, the Club (with the
assistance of the AKC) changed its name to the now
Illini Great Dane Club.

In January of 1986, we were granted affiliation with the Great Dane Club of America.

April of 1988 found the Club partially sponsoring a "Pilot Dog" (hearing dog) by
covering the $300+   transportation fee for the dog's new owner to fly to Ohio for
training by the Pilot Dog organization.

From the Club's inception in 1982 through the year of 1987, the Illini Great Dane Club
held  numerous activities such as unsanctioned  matches, flea markets,  banquets, and
even marched in the annual Canal Days Parade in Lockport.  .  During that 4+ year
period, we continued to apply for sanctioned match approval from the AKC.

Finally, in July of 1988, Illini Great Dane club hosted its first AKC Sanctioned B-OB
Match & Sweepstakes. And, after completing a series of AKC Sanctioned B-OB Matches
to the satisfaction of the AKC, we were granted approval for our first AKC Sanctioned
A-OA Match in July of 1990 .

After 10 long years of waiting, Illini GDC was finally granted sanctioned show status by
the AKC, and our 1st Annual Obedience Trial/Sweeps/Specialty Show was held on
February 8th & 9th, 1992.  The show weekend was a smashing success with a first-time
entry of 17 in Obedience, 90 in Sweeps and 175 in Specialty.  From that point forward,
we have hosted our annual Obedience Trial, Sweeps & Specialty in the Spring. There has
also been an AKC sanctioned B-OB Match & Sweeps every year in July.

Within the first few years of Illini's existence, a scholarship fund was established known
as the Illini Great Dane Club Veterinary Scholarship Fund.  The yearly sum of $250.00
was awarded to a veterinary student from the University of Illinois Veterinary School.
Upon the passing of charter member Pat Lawrence, the Club renamed it to the Patricia
Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Fund. As the years have gone by, we have been able to
increase the amount of the scholarship and to date, have donated thousands of dollars in
scholarships to veterinary students at the U of I.

The Illini Great Dane Club held its 21st Annual Obedience Trial/Sweeps and Specialty
Show this past February of 2012.   We continue to strive to educate the public on the
Great Dane Breed with activities such as participation in the breed education contest at
the International Kennel Club Show, attending the Bark in the Park outing at White Sox
Park, having a yearly booth at Dog Expo, and through the internet with our own web
site.  In addition, we hold weekly obedience and  conformation training classes.  A
formal Rescue Committee has been formed.  Our monthly membership meetings are
open to the public and are very informative with various educational topics covered

Going forward, we hope to begin new activities to better our wonderful breed while
maintaining our high standard of ethics and education.