Sat. 2/5

Sweepstakes - Best in Sweeps "Elan's Leading Man of Randraven" owners-J. & J. Gerszewski
Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweeps "Rose Run's Samba V Prin-Zel" owners D. Deniston, C. Gurrath & L. Jobe

Specialty 1 - Reserve WD "Rebel's Atlas Maximus" owners J. & D. Gill, J. Churan
Winners Dog "Prin-Zel's J Barrymore V Rau" owners S. Mattmiller & D. Deniston
Reserve WB "Alpine's California Dreamin" owners M. & M. Arnold
Winners Bitch "VKMP's Precious" owners V. Pozzi

Best of Breed "Ch. Addadane's Madison Ave's Matisse" owners K. Pyle & D. Addington
Best of Opposite Sex "Ch. Ariels Lira Black N Owlwatch" owners J. & P. Gray & L. Arndt
Best Puppy "Rebel's Atlas Maximus" owners J. & D. Gill & J. Churan

Sunday 2/6

High In Trial "Jadan's Will Power V Cherokee" owners N. Johnson
Reserve Winners Dog "Rojon's Von Scheer Hildydanes "10" owners T. Walters, H. Compton & R. Scheer
Winners Dog "Rose Run's Obsession" owners R. Potenberg & L. Jobe
Reserve Winners Bitch "Stellar C Carina Eastwood" owners D. Kleppin
Winners Bitch "Alpine's California Dreamin" owners M. & M. Arnold
Best of Breed "Ch. Rojon's Fly Me Down To Rio" owners A. Sheridan
Best of Opposite Sex "Ch. Owlwatch Heir Ways" owners J. & A. Remaklus, J. & A. Broyles
Best Puppy "Lost Creek's Micah" owners P. Lawrence
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